Making sense of renewable energy

Engineering Procurement and Contracting EPC in the Renewable Energy sector


Our Vision

is “Making sense of renewable energy”

Our mission

is “to become the regional leader in engineering, assembly and installation of green power solutions”.

We are confident in our capabilities to successfully achieve our goal trough our highly skilled and motivated team, our partnership with the best suppliers, our state-of-the art products and our commitment to excellence and outstanding customer service.

Wind Power

has been harvested hundreds of years ago. As the world is searching for alternatives to fossil fuels, there has been a rapid development of the technology to convert wind energy into usable electricity. In fact the cost of producing electricity from wind energy has decreased by at least eighty percent in the last 2 decades.

Our Wind Products

Horizontal and vertical wind turbines, turbine poles, wind charge controllers, Inverters, storage Batteries,

The Sun

is 150 million kilometers away from the Earth, and is an amazingly powerful source of energy. Just a tiny fraction of the Sun’s energy that hits the Earth is enough to meet all out planet’s power needs and much more.

  1. Solar energy is renewable and therefore will not be depleted
  2. Solar energy is free once equipment is installed. You can considerably reduce your electricity and energy bills with an adequate photovoltaic solar system
  3. Solar energy is a clean non-polluting energy source.
  4. Photovoltaic PV panels require very little maintenance and have no moving parts.
  5. Solar energy can be generated wherever needed, a solar system can be installed in a remote location
  6. a Solar energy system can operate fully independent without any connection to grid or power generators.



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